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Đầu cân XK3101+

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  • Weighing control indicator is a control indicator that used to the industrial control fields.
  • It has many kinds of series interface (modbus and profibus), on-off input and output interface, extensive analogy data interface, on-off output can set in four ways, can apply into blending, fixed data, upper and lower limit testing etc conditions.
  • Abundant interfaces can be connected with DCS system directly.
  • Indicator housing is aluminium, and conveniently embedded into control cabinet. Indicator is designed strictly accuracy class is III, can apply into all kinds of industrial weighing control fields.

– Model: XK3101+

  • Adopts 7 bits VFD (vacuum fluorescent display)
  • Isolated RS232/RS485 communication interface
  • 10 on-off (optical coupling isolation) (4 input, 6 OC output)
  • Keyboard lock function
  • Profibus interface (optional)
  • 4-20mA/0-10V analoge output (optional)
  • Built-in assistant DC12V/300mA power supply output (be able to drive relay output)
  • On-off output can be set batching mode (double speed double material, single speed four material), fixed value mode and top and bottom limitation
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